I had an aching to create ever since I could remember. I didn't always know what that meant or what that looked like but creating something beautiful out of nothing made and still makes me feel alive and keeps my heart stirring for more. I have a wandering soul always searching to do, be, and create more.

I stumbled on photography about 10 years ago when I purchased my first camera. At first there was no intentions of being a "photographer" it just sort of happened in its own magical way. I'm self taught but over the years have attend classes and conferences to refine my art. My friends call me a "Jane" of all trades and I take pride knowing if I set my heart and mind on something I can do anything!

After photographing it ALL I've found I really love capturing real estate. The last 5 years I have specialized in Real Estate photography and marketing. I loved real estate so much I took it a step further and became a licensed Texas Real Estate agent.

I'm a wife and mother to three adventures souls and when I'm not with a client I'm with my little tribe. We hike, bike, and love traveling when life allows.


You ready to take your real estate game to the next level??